Love Your Body Challenge

Love Your Body Challenge

Love Your Body Challenge – A body and mind transformation that will enable you to love your body inside and out.

This 60 day program is suitable for all ages and genders. It is designed to kick start a life style change that will enable you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The Love Your Body Challenge is exactly what it says: a challenge that will help you love your body. So whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, maintain while improving sports performance, increase your energy levels or maybe lose some of the prescription drugs that you have to take to stay “healthy”, this program can help.
The Love Your Body Challenge offers you a way to manage your own goals with help and guidance to open up a door of health, happiness, and confidence.


All fitness classes are open to participants during the challenge time frame. This allows participants the option for a workout every day, but at least 3x per week is expected. Exercise performed elsewhere is absolutely OK in addition to the fitness classes. If you do exercise elsewhere please make sure to log it. The fitness part of the challenge is important to increase strength, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, and to improve your metabolism so it burns more – faster and longer.
The classes offered include TRX, Tabata, HIIT, Body Conditioning and Strengthening, BodyFit (low impact cardio), and Indoor Bootcamp.

Calories in/Calories out

The main component to losing weight is proper nutrition. Your food intake is essential to weight loss, weight gain and healthy digestive systems. I cannot stress the importance of the food log, or journal if you prefer. Remember, for every negative calorie a positive one can be found elsewhere – just need to look for it. For example: instead of a cupcake go for the apple, instead of a soda how about water with lemon. You get the idea!

Program Overview

  • On the first day each participant will be weighed in and measured
  • Each week there will be a weigh-in at BodyLove Fitness, this will ensure that the same environment will be used
  • Body measurements will be performed on Day 1, 30 and 60
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to log all food and exercise. This enables BodyLove to properly guide you on your Love Your Body Challenge
  • This is a personal challenge and a friendly competition. There will be a grand winner that will win a gift pack that includes personal training, some at home exercise gear and a BodyLove Fitness t-shirt
  • This program is a great outlet for meeting new people and socializing. Everyone that participates has something in common – a quest for a healthier body
  • Optional personal training and/or semi-personal training special offers are available to all participants


Q: What if I can’t come to any of the classes offered?
No problem, you can do your own thing just make sure to log it.

Q: Is this suitable for seniors/teen?
Absolutely everyone can participate and benefit from the Love Your Body Challenge. The goals are personalized and the workouts can be modified to meet all fitness levels. As long as you have a goal and are willing to work at it this challenge is for you.

Q:The official kick-off date already passed, can I still participate?
Absolutely! You can start your own challenge at any time. We will be offering another soon after the previous one ends if you prefer to do it with a group.

Helpful tracking suggestions

Great Apps available for tracking:

  • MapMyFitness
  • MyFitnessPal
  • WeightWatchersMobile
  • LoseIt!

Great monitors to track:

  • Polar
  • FitBit
  • Garmin
  • Nike


Fitness and wellness package: $350
Add 8 personal training sessions for only $300 ($60 savings)
Or add 8 semi-personal training sessions (must have 2-3pp) for only $200 per person

Referral Bonus

Refer a friend or two to sign up and receive a $25 savings per referral

Download the Program Flier for details

Contact Jen St. Peter at (774) 278-4223 or