Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training programs are based on one-to-one training. The goals are set by the client and trainer based on the client’s health, wants, and ability and each program is personalized to the client. Progress will be tracked and discussed during each session as progression is constantly happening.
Pricing Options:

  • 60 min class: $55
  • 90 min class: $75
  • 10 1h Sessions: $450

Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training is similar to personal training except it is geared to a small group (2-3) of participants with similar goals. This type of training allows 2-3 people to achieve their wellness goals together with shared motivation and encouragement. Each client is still responsible for their fitness objectives and progression will depend on individual performance.
Pricing Options (per person):

  • 60 min class: $30
  • 90 min class: $45