I was looking for someone that would be able to keep my workouts interesting as I get bored rather quickly with the same routine.  I was concerned with my physical health and I needed someone to motivate me to keep going.  I have been working out with Jen for about 10 months and I feel great!  She is supportive to my needs and pushes me to challenge myself.  Now that I have experienced that exercise can be fun and challenging in a healthy way I look forward to going to my classes every week.  She is knowledgeable in her field.  I ask many questions about muscles and stretching and how do I know if I am doing it correctly.  Jen will take the time to make sure I have my answers and to see that I am exercising properly.  Jen is my inspiration.
Michele V. , Westborough
Always a different workout. Never boring.
Dean A. , Westborough
Jen is an amazing trainer, instructor & teacher. She's knowledgeable and motivating, pushes you to your limit which leads to results. I highly recommend Bodylove Fitness for all your fitness needs.
Deb H. , Westborough
Jen is great as a personal trainer; she pushes me harder than I push myself and has a great sense of just how far to go. She is excellent to work with when recovering from an injury.
Dean A. , Westborough
I have taken classes (cardio, muscle, trx) and trained with Jen for over five years. I can honestly say that she is the best instructor and trainer that I have worked with! She has helped me lose weight and inches, improve core strength and cardio fitness, and gain confidence. Jen kept the workouts varied and fun; she pushed me past my comfort zone and helped me take it to the next level. I now have the tools to take control of my workouts and my health – I could not have done it without her!
Cathy A. , Westborough