BodyLove Story


Just over 15 years ago I decided to plunge into a part-time fitness profession after dedicating years to improving my own health and wellbeing. I became a fitness instructor in 1998 teaching group fitness classes such as step, Hi/Lo, cardio kickboxing and body conditioning classes and a couple years later I became certified to teach group cycling allowing for a full range of various class formats.

My quest for learning and helping others to become healthier didn’t stop there. The personal reward of seeing individuals improve and enhance their total health led me to pursue my Personal Training Certification. I continue to widen my knowledge base with studying the latest research and trials, attending conferences and lectures, participating in other group fitness class formats.

In 2013 I decided to change my career from one in corporate America to a full-time career as a health and wellness coach. I truly love working with people and helping to transform lives. In my opinion there is no better reward than a client who has improved their total health and wellness and is living well.

I believe a person’s wellness starts from the inside out. Most people want to look good on the outside but that should be second to being healthy inside. This philosophy is how BodyLove Fitness came about. I believe that when one shows love to their body as a whole the results show that. By eating right, exercising, laughing, and finding time for yourself, you are improving your wellness. Wellness implies the positive stability of one’s physical and emotional state. Understanding the connection of mind, body and spirit is essential in the quest to become “fit”. I believe in improving one’s wellness by helping to eliminate the physical, emotional, and/or psychological obstacles that may have previously prevented one from succeeding in their fitness goals. All training is based on each individual’s ability. From there we set and achieve positive and realistic fitness objectives.

I started BodyLove Fitness in 2011 within home and using shared space in a small studio. In March of 2013 I opened The BodyLove Fitness Studio in Hopkinton. BodyLove Fitness offerings include a variety of programs such as personal training, small group training (2-3 people with similar goals), and group fitness classes. BodyLove-Fitness creates health and wellness programs that allow individuals to achieve their fitness and overall wellness goals whether it is to improve strength, increase cardio tolerance, specific sports training or for important health concerns such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart conditions, COPD, depression, anxiety or a mix of all the above.

Jennifer StPeter – Founder and Owner